The Alkhemey Of Temptation (TAOT or XXXALKHEMEY) is a newsletter and podcast, that's a draft for my memoir, which is a love letter, written as a fictional story, heavily illustrated through music and visuals. A throughline of creative expression. It's all about the alchemy of taking the darkness that comes from heartbreak and loss, deeply rooted in childhood experiences, and transmuting it into a guiding light for yourself and others to heal through. TAOT is its own secret, spiritual realm of hard lovers, deep dreamers, heavy healers, and those who tend to wander off in wonder. It’s also a sacred ability and protected mystery that its inhabitants possess, to be courageous enough to live life in the Unknown, to be an outcast. To die there and be born again…

Modupẹ pupo, Sol O, for being my finest muse ever.

A livication to Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy.

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Transmuting the heavy mysteries of deep-rooted heartbreak and loss into a beacon for inner child enlightenment and liberation.


Ra Yukawa is a Japanese Afro-Caribbean American interdisciplinary storyteller and artist who tells taboo stories infused with diasporic spirituality, for the emotional empowerment of women, the BIPoC-diaspora, and the LGBTQIAP2S+ community.