“Are You In Love?”so much. it takes time. interim. beyond my mind. heart laced with potent touch. expansive lips to show me love. so much. dripping with grains. s…
for the void on empty avenue and the fields of heart space
Re-membering yourself as your heart’s mind reincarnated…Listen now (20 min) | When you feel anything, your heart is simply thinking, deeply.
Explain it to me, in detail...
Your heart is an intellect connecting everything.Listen now (17 min) | “Has there ever been a time when you didn’t love yourself?”
I'm not the little boy you used to know and love.
In another life…I bet you were my girl. After the Trinity, I laid bare my heart to three other women. The last women that I’ve been involved with. They were som…
QUEEN Cee I Power H.E.R.
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The Alkhemey Of Temptation