The Alkhemey Of Temptation
The Alkhemey Of Temptation
The trees hold the memories.

The trees hold the memories.

about the void on empty avenue, track one

The cover art for the void on empty avenue EP (or Single) shows pine trees diagonally lining a clear grey sky, with a full moon centred in the sky, above the trees. This, in and of itself, is a statement of beautiful contrast between the hidden and the illuminated, the forgotten and the remembered, the buried and that which we bring to the surface for acknowledgement — between death and life. What’s more, it speaks of having, or fullness, and losing, or emptiness. For Lord Rasquiat Almighty in The Alkhemey Of Temptation, all of that translates to the loss of his childhood best friend, who was his first love, which led to the gradual loss of his inner-child.

Somebody sees me, and I see myself through them. Then it’s all gone, the whole world falls apart. (Anne Sexton)

So, here we are in our third entry of The Alkhemey Of Temtpation podcast, beginning to take a deeper look into that major aspect of the narrative, as well as my own personal narrative as it relates to the illustrative EP, since Lord Rasquiat is autoficitionally me.

This entry is the first of (maybe) six that will detail the musings of each track from the first TAOT installationthe void on empty avenue and the fields of heart space — in that order. We’re starting off with track one from the void on empty avenue — “the leaves hid us in our innocence, wandering about with no one around”. With this one, we’ll begin to reveal connections within and between:

  • loss experienced in childhood and loss experienced in relationships of adulthood;

  • loss of identity due to loss of relationships;

  • loss of relationships due to loss of identity; and

  • loss of memory due to loss of home.

As always, but especially now that we’re getting deeper into raw Alkhemey, remember that Elite Alkhemists (Paid Subscribers) get Land of the Unknown clearance — the actual 30 minutes of this entry, along with the skeleton key to the fullness of other entries, threads, archival secrets, and a free copy of the published book and/or physical album.

Entries will be more rapid right now, so get ready.

Thank you.

If they can keep a secret…


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The Alkhemey Of Temptation
The Alkhemey Of Temptation
Where the Alkhemists convene to discuss metaphysical fields of the heart, existential emptiness of the void, and the autofictional life of Lord Rasquiat Almighty. Going beyond what's widely known about love, death, heartbreak, and loss, we delve into the secret world that frees us from it all. Not an escape, but a transcendence. Listen closely. New entries are released spontaneously. Subscribe to XXXALKHEMEY to hear all new entries as soon as they're dropped...
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