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The Body: Technology, Aliens, and Angels

“For humans, and to a human, as [a human], beyond humans”

This is my first, actual video entry. It’ll be a part of a TAOT series of talks I’ll be calling, “In Loving Alkhemey, Rasquiat” — a ‘visual’ companion to TAOT podcast (which, I’ll open the floodgates on the next entries of that soon). We’ll approach subjects of the occult at the very holistic intersection of spiritual theories or practices, scientific studies, societal constructs such as gender/race/sex/class, and mental health, as it all relates to XXXALKHEMEY. These videos will continue to take place inside the nonfictional space that is my very own The Void On Empty Avenue.

In this entry, I’m building upon an element of Nothing Foreign | The Abstract: Version 1.3 that I felt needed a little more attention. I conclude by speaking on its connection to TAOT, and what to expect in the next textual, narrated entry for the book / newsletter.

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