Feb 25 • 10M

Re-membering yourself as your heart’s mind reincarnated…

When you feel anything, your heart is simply thinking, deeply.

A secret society, creative playground, and rough draft, for my autofictional book that's about alchemising the darkness of childhood heartbreak and loss, so that it can become something golden. Guiding light for healing, in the form of a long love letter.
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Feelings are your heart’s thoughts. What is your heart ruminating over in order to understand, or working through in order to communicate to you, when you feel angry, morose, elated, or numbingly indifferent? What does your heart remember about the last time it thought those things, and you felt that way? How did you react or respond to it? How does your heart need for you to respond to it now?

Emotional intelligence. It’s an art form. A science. A study that’s more important and complex than anything that the mind’s mind can muster to fathom or articulate. In short, listen to your heart. Exercise your heart’s ability to discern, by allowing space for its thoughts to be validated, heard, and understood. That understanding, when regularly prioritised, watered, and whispered unto, will blossom into a beautiful head of wisdom. And that wisdom will make it ten times easier to know (or rather, re-member) your heart and trust it enough to wholeheartedly listen to it. To be in tune with it, to truly intuit self-love.

Remembering, trusting, and listening to your heart is remembering, trusting, and listening to yourself, your inner child, your soul. It’s like a supernatural ability in and of itself. It gives you insight that’s damn near unbelievable to those who haven’t bonded with their hearts. You begin to see things, pervading time, that have always been there to be looked into, you just couldn’t see them without the eyes that are given to you by a heart that feels seen enough to trust you, to show you.

That’s love.

In this podcast entry, I expand upon the previous one —

The Alkhemey Of Temptation
Your heart is an intellect connecting everything.
Listen now (17 min) | I open the ocean floor to any of my locked-in Alkhemists that want to share their heart’s thoughts on this introduction topic. Show up in discussion. If interests align, I’m open to potentially diving deeper with you in a podcast entry. I’ve opened a thread for this in our chat, as well…
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— bringing forth some of the musings from my initial conversation with Lady Solána long ago. Like, losing my integrity and muffling my self-worth, in the name of what I thought was love for another, thus not having an attuned relationship with my heart. How a relationship with the heart is a direct connection to remembering who you are. How we “forget” who we are by suppressing the traumas that our hearts sustain. And there’s more divulgence regarding all of that, for my Elite Alkhemists with Land of the Unknown clearance (i.e. Paid Subscribers).

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In our next entry, I’ll begin deconstructing the first installation of musical and visual illustrations for TAOT — the void on empty avenue (tvoea) and the fields of heart space (tfohs). Whilst doing so, I’ll discuss some of my most personal experiences that I’ve realised I’d been burying away, and the most recent heart space awakenings I’ve been having as a direct catharsis of that realisation.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing your own experiences, wisdom, and truth. I pray you find a home within it all. Be sure to comment, heart, and share.

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